Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy

We are a Project Developer company in Energy sector in Turkey. 

We developed a project 403 MW Combined cycle natural gas thermal plant, 2 projects in Hydro power ( 3 MW ) and 2 projects in Wind Power ( 72 ve 70 MW ) which are under the governments evaluation.We are also preparing 12 projects for Solar Energy. We are expecting the government will announce the incentives and feed-in tariff ( between 18 -22 °c/W ) and there will be a huge demand for solar energy - as we experienced on 1 November 2007 when there were around 78.000 MW project applications for Wind Energy - so we are preparing our projects to apply after the government announces the incentives and the tariff. 

This is one of the reasons we opened our branch in Orlando Florida in March 2008 as Alares Energy LLC. and we are the dealer/rep of Conergy which is one of the biggest companies in Solar and renewable energy in the world- we are also in contact with Trinasolar ve ET solar ( which are in the top 3 PV producers in the world ) for being their distributors for Florida and Turkiye .


ALARTES ENERGY ; COMBINED CYCLE NATURAL GAS THERMAL PLANT with a project of 403 MW in Denizli , established in 2009